Cardinal sins and Catholic futures


The Catholic church is back in the news again this weekend with the story of Cardinal O’Brien’s ‘exile’. It’s been a tough time for Scottish Catholics. And wherever they stand on the issues that divide opinion within and outwith the church, the Cardinal’s fate is one story many would surely like to see the back […]
On the restlessness of faith – and doubt


I’m in the serenity of Martin Hall, in Edinburgh’s New College on the Mound. The religious scholar and public intellectual, Mona Siddiqui, is talking to the singer-songwriter and broadcaster, Ricky Ross. The early evening sun is streaming in and Ricky has regaled us with words and music. It’s all rather sublime. And then, towards the […]
The Pope may be late to the party, but make no mistake — he’s a star guest


“Go for a long hard run, take a cold shower, and avoid the occasion of sin.” My dad’s closing words in a letter he wrote to me 40 years ago. And the first that came to me as I read this afternoon that Pope Francis has said he thinks same-sex couples should be afforded legal […]